Diana Ferrus

Poetry, Art & Literature

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Diana Ferrus works as an administrator at the University of Western Cape. She is interested in recording the stories of black Afrikaans women, and wants to publish an anthology of short stories. This is after she did extensive research about black Afrikaans women writers. Diana is wellknown for her poem about the Khoisan woman Sarah Baartman whose remains were on display in Paris until 1986. In 2002 Diana read her poem for Sarah Baartman at the handing over of the remains to the South African government. "Iv'e come to take you home, home! Remember the veld, the lush green grass beneath the big oak trees, the air is cool there". This poem will be the title poem of her English poetry collection due for publication in August 2010.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I have just learned how to use my blog again. Everything is being made so easy these days. Thanks to all out there who makes this possible.
Well now I can share my day with readers. Today 9.6.2010 at 12 noon we blew the vuvuzela's and what a spectacle it was. Everywhere people were dressed in colours of the flag or colours of the soccer team (Bafana Bafana). I wanted to cry all the time, it is emotional, we, a small country at the tip of the African continent, we are hosting the World Cup Soccer tournament. There are hundreds of visitors, there is a hype last seen in 1994 when we went to vote for the first time. Above all, it gives us the chance to be South Africans, proud South Africans and of course Africans, proud Africans. Let us not forget former president Thabo Mbeki who drove the African agenda, who reminded us of our Africanness... irrespective of what colour we are... Thank you Thabo for that speech! Let us hope Bafana Bafana will do well... Let us brace ourselves also for disappointments! Have a wonderful World Cup!


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